The bulllying game

She cried herself to bed,

Hoping, the tears would soften their hearts,

It didn’t stop the words to be said,

Aimed towards her like a dart.

In the corner was where she sat,

In the chair where they spat

the hurtful words, insults and taunts,

To her, were disguises of haunts,

“Ignore them” are what the teachers advised,

“Ignore them and you’ll be fine,”

Her pain was understood by none,

The enemies had won,

Her mind broke into two,

She didn’t know what to do,

Holding everything against her will,

She started endulging on pills,

With all the cards stacked against her,

It was clear, the odds weren’t in her favour,

There was a solution to win this game,

She had to make one devasting claim,

Climbing the stairs of hopless hope,

Her life was ended by the jerk of a rope.

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