Clouds of thoughts, Condensing in my head, Unable to think, When will it end?   A delicate butterfly, Consoles my shoulder, Mesmerizes my eyes, I follow, over yonder,   It takes me to places, places I've never been, A place radiating magic, with powers beyond foreseen,   The aromatic whiff of flowers, spreads like perfume, … Continue reading HEALING POWERS OF NATURE


On the streets is where I lie, Obscured from the peasants, Merrily sauntering by, Maybe, an opaque veil besets me, From the niggardly world, My infinite prayers never seem to be heard.   On the streets is where I cry, Hiding in the twilight, Tears trickling from my eyes, My kids ask, 'Are you all … Continue reading AM I INVISIBLE?


I distinctly remember, When boredom was kept at bay, Friends invited me with open arms, And we played under the scorching summer's ray, I distinctly remember, The toothsome trail of my mom's cooking, Lingering down the hallways, Beckoning idle occupants -YUM! was so finger licking, I distinctly remember, Adventuring till my heart's content, Now which … Continue reading MY GOLDEN DAYS


While you are peacefully sleeping, There are people in this world, SCREAMING YELLING, CALLING, Out for help,   While eating a luscious meal, People are tortured, starved, hurt, Until dominance sends them down on their knees,   While safely walking to school, Bullets are shot to defend their country, Bloodshed, tears and ever-lasting shrieks....... OH! … Continue reading AT THE OTHER SIDE

Its beginning to look like a lot like Christmas

Finally, that time of the year is here, Where we spread happiness and cheer, Christmas is truly a time of magic and fun, Making long-lasting memories with everyone,   As the pearl white snow settles in, Christmas time has just begun, Get into the Christmas spirit, By listening to songs and lyrics, Baking fresh and … Continue reading Its beginning to look like a lot like Christmas

Rainbow- The colors of life

As a rainbow is painted across the sky, It makes our eyes glorify, With seven unique colors in between, Lets find out what each of them mean,   Red, Represents love and passion, It inspires vibrancy, courageĀ  and might, And emotions such as brave, confidence and compassion,   Orange, Which is playfulness in your youth, … Continue reading Rainbow- The colors of life